Called to the Wild

A 40-day journey filled with thrilling adventure stories and poignant Biblical meditations

I’m excited to announce the release of my book, “Called to Wild: Biblical Reflections on Faith, Perseverance, and Surrender.”

This 40-day outdoor devotional and contains many of my personal adventures, including backcountry skiing—especially of interest on this blog—along with many other adventures including rock climbing, hiking, surfing, whitewater rafting and kayaking.

Each day includes a biblical meditation and story, and features some other adventurers beyond me, too.

I published it through Sea Harp, who I’m a big fan of. This quote from Andrew Murray sums up the purpose of the books they publish: “To be much occupied with Jesus.”

You can order a copy on Amazon.

Buy a book, support my cancer nonprofit

If you buy directly from Hope Has Arrived, my cancer nonprofit, all proceeds will go to help us give hope to people facing cancer. We estimate that every dollar of profit helps us reach at least 10 people.

I recently shared about this opportunity on the Climber’s for Christ podcast, “Climb Hard, Love Harder,” in this episode.

Also, every book you order through Hope Has Arrived will be signed. For more info, please visit the website.

More about the book

The following description of the back of the book may help explain more what it is about:

“Life is full of unknowns. It’s natural to want answers, explanations, and clear directions along the way. But for the Christ-follower, this longing for clarity is met with a mysterious invitation: to trust, to surrender, to lay down one’s life.”

The book will inspire the reader to:

  • Connect with God’s word in a fresh way
  • Explore His specific purposes
  • Trust God in the unknown
  • Walk more intimately with Him

Even for the most faithful believer, instability and self-doubt threaten to steal joy, purpose, and passion. Every one of us is called to the wild: to draw near, to walk with, and to trust this Guide who is not tame, but who is always good.”

I’m thankful for this opportunity to publish this book. However God uses it, I enjoyed writing it and time in God’s word is never wasted.

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