Spring Storm Leftovers


I found some great spring powder skiing on Monday, April 20. Yes, that’s right, 420! I really wanted nothing to do with the pot smoking part, but I was looking to make use of the spring storm.

I had spent 5 days in New Mexico for work, and while I was away, Colorado got thumped with 2 feet of snow—my phone kept blowing up with texts from would-be backcountry partners. I was hoping there would still be some powder scraps left by the time I got back, which turned out to be midnight on Sunday night.

Indeed there was on Monday morning, at one of my go to spots in RMNP. The north aspect was in perfect conditions, though a little high in water content. I did not expect to find that good of powder when it is nearly May.

Here’s to more winter!

P.S. Here’s some spring skiing perspective from Lou Dawson’s blog: https://www.wildsnow.com/16772/colorado-ski-mountaineering-touring-backcountry/#more-16772

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