Memorial Day Misshap

Like most Americans we had big plans for Memorial Day Weekend. Elizabeth and I and our daughter headed to my family’s lake cabin in Northern Minnesota, not too far from Itasca State Park. True to form, it did rain a bit during Saturday and Sunday–we always marvel how the weather is always somewhat rainy during this weekend each year, even if it was sunny all week.

As usual, it was great weekend with family (14 of us total) which included a lot of boating, game playing and hanging out. Curiously we did not watch any war movies.

The big hiccup for me happened on Monday, the actual holiday. We were due to head back to Sioux Falls and I started having some nasty pain that eventually resulted in me taking an ambulance ride once we returned home. My wife wrote a great post about this here. I highly recommend following her blog, too. She’s a great writer!

This misshap was quite unpredictable and I hope the story, which is still going, has a good ending. Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Memorial Day Misshap

  1. Chris and Elizabeth,

    We continue to pray for you in this challenging time. My prayer is for courage and strength as you fight through the challenges of treatment. I also pray that the Lord may allow you to experience joy even in the midst of trial.

    In Christ’s Love,

    Seth Hulst

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